Frequently Asked Questions

How do I purchase a piece of equipment?
Making the decision to change your life is exciting. GoFit understands that it can be daunting at the same time. That is why GoFit specialises in providing you with both life changing equipment and programs that will help you realise your health goals. We are very excited to talk with you further about your needs and requirements just like we have with the many thousands of customers we have helped make their own life changing decision.

One of the most rewarding investment you can make is in your own health. Start today by calling 1800 446 348.

GoFit's commitment to customers extends beyond the purchase of equipment. We are serious about changing people's lives. We stock only the best equipment because we want our customers to use their equipment as a part of their routine lifestyle year after year. GoFit helps change lives because we support our clients with a revolutionary goal setting and life planning online program. This is why we insist on talking with every one of our thousands and thousands of clients before they make their final decision.

Whether your goal is general fitness, weight loss, toning or rehabilitation, GoFit will work with you to understand YOU and your goals, even if you are not super confident on what you need or want these goals should be. We are not looking to sell you piece of equipment that will sit in the corner we are very excited about helping you achieve some life changing results, Call us now and lets get started.

Please call us now, TAKE THE FIRST STEP Call Now 1800 446 348. Or email us here and we will call you.

GoFit is your life changing equipment specialist.

Do you hire equipment?
We do better than hire. We have a take home layby, no interest ever payment plan that most often works out to be less per week than hire. And you own it! Call us on 1800 446 348 (or send us a message here and we will call you) and we can explain the benefits to you.

What methods of payment do you accept? Do I have to purchase the equipment through a payment plan? Can I pay up front?
Of course! Call us now on 1800 446 348 (or email us here and we will call you) and we can arrange for any type of payment and can offer you a great, today only special for up front purchases.

What is a payout figure?
All of the payment and direct debit details can be found by contacting 1800 088 151. Give that number a call and they will be able to help with any queries you may have relating to your contract.

How many payments do I have left?
Please call 1800 088 151 in order to find these details.

How do I change my bank account?
Please call 1800 088 151 in order to do this.

What date does my contract finish?
Please call 1800 088 151 in order to find out this information.

What do I lubricate my treadmill mat with?
The best thing to lubricate it with is Silicon Spray. This can be purchased from most hardware stores.

How do I get my equipment repaired?
Please go here to lodge a request for repair.

Where can I find instruction manuals?
Please see instruction manuals below:

­ Download Silver Treadmill Instruction Manual
­ Download Gold Treadmill Instruction Manual
­ Download Platinum Treadmill Instruction Manual
­ Download Cross Trainer Instruction Manual
­ Download Vibration Instruction Manual

How much is a safety key and where can I buy them from?
Safety keys are $35 and if you would like to purchase one please call us on 1800 446 348 or request one here.

How long will my delivery take?
Delivery usually takes between 2 and 4 days but may vary depending on your circumstances. Upon completion of your sale you will be given an approximate delivery date.

Should I consult a doctor before exercising?
We always advise that you consult a doctor before making changes to your exercise routine.

How much weight will I lose each week?
Everyone is different and we suggest a nutritional diet combined with exercise and a healthy lifestyle to assist you with your weight loss goals. We always advise that you consult your doctor prior to taking on any exercise routines or diet plans.


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